Conversation Club Preparation

For April 20, 2005

Gela: You will contemplate and respond to these questions in the form of a five paragraph essay. I will not tell you what that is, but let you investigate the format. Here are some questions that you can use for ideas if you wish.

  • How important are first impressions? Please explain. What do you look for in friends and why?
  • What do people see when they first hear where you live or lived?
  • What stereotypes do people have of your country?

Mariano: You get to watch the videos and read the articles about Cultural Dimensions….and please send me your corrected version of the First Impressions essay.

For both of you:

After you have viewed all the videos and read all the articles, you might be thinking that culture clearly affects how you write in English. Explain how. Send a written message as a comment to this page so your voice can be heard.



One Comment on “Conversation Club Preparation”

  1. Mariano says:

    Culture affects our writing enormously, this is because culture is present in every kind of expression we do. It say us how to be, how to talk with, even how to think. Culture not only involves traditions, vestments and celebrations, but also it involves everything that shapes a community

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