A shared article makes great reading…and writing: Lost in a sea of yellow

I’d like to share a great article with you. Although it is about reading, we know that it also has to do with writing….it is impossible to disassociate the four language skills. So, the question that is addressed here is an article by Maryellen Weimer, PhD. This article is shared from: http://www.facultyfocus.com/articles/teaching-professor-blog/lost-is-a-sea-of-yellow-teaching-students-a-better-way-to-highlight/

“A lot of students are in love with their highlighters, especially those bright, fluorescent-colored ones. They use them to highlight course materials, sometimes underlining whole pages of text….”

With this great beginning, this article will point out a little-considered point for teachers of EFL and ESP in writing and reading contexts.


Why is it sooooo difficult to write in English?

quantum.writingIn class, we looked at a book chapter that was presented in two different formats: one in a reduced manner with graphic organizers, and the other in textual format. We were able extract the main idea and supporting details, and transform certain pages in the book chapter into another graphic organizer using x.mind.net, an online mind mapping tool.

We saw that the book chapter dealt with the process of writing, an element of writing in English that is inherent to the writing skill in the English language, but does not occur when writing in the Spanish language. Therefore, should we assume that as Spanish speakers, in order to perform adequately in the writing skill in a foreign language, such as English, we should follow the writing process? What do you think?

Here is an article that explains why it is so difficult to write in a foreign language. When we write using a second or foreign language, we are using a different discourse pattern than what we learned in our first language.

Here is an interesting read:

Second language acquisition from Moni Madrigal

Cultural Dimensions

Cultural Dimensions

Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to write in English? Watch this video about international students studying in the USA as they talk about their difficulty about writing in English. This article will give you an overall idea of cultural dimensions: http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newLDR_66.htm

Access the different sections below in the book module to see videos and read short articles about each dimension. As you finish finish learning about each dimension, write notes about how this affects you and your writing. Which dimensions can you relate to in your life? Which are stronger in Mexican culture compared to English-language culture? Are there any similarities?

You will share your observations and notes by talking about them in a Voicethread that you create and uploading it onto the assignments folder.