Interactive Writing Workshop

A Writing Workshop will be offered twice-a-week over a three week period.

When: Mondays and Thursdays from 4-6 during January.
Where: in our new location, Inchataro 128, catty-corner from the Seminario on the road Rey Tanganxoan up to Santa Maria.
Start date: January 11 to January 28.
Cost: $500. Centro Eva’s low prices continue

The workshop will provide online assistance for those participants who are interested in further drafting.
Participants can advance as much as they want to in the time frame of the workshop.
After the workshop, those participants who would like to continue can advance to the International Writing Exchange, where you can put your writing into practice and receive feedback from other participants around the world.

For more information, call 443 102 4808 or write an email to


Improving your Speaking with Connected speech practice

Hello Listening and Speaking Writing Workshop Participants!

We have been looking at some examples of connected speech in the listening and speaking workshop. The example we saw is from Elemental English videos on Youtube. Watch them in order to improve your speaking and connected speech. We also saw videos on Richard’s site, Lingua Spectrum.

Rachel’s English is another great place to listen to learn how to speak well in English.


Please practice listening on this really great site for listening and practicing with accent reduction is

Randall’s Train your Accent.

Your task for this week’s workshop:

1. Practice Reading the Tongue twisters with connected speech. Choose one that you will record on an online site.

2. Register as a member on

3. Record your tongue twister on your Voicethread account.

4. Save and share your recording on Voicethread.

5. Write a comment to this post. Include your name and the URL of your recording. Here is an example:

Hello, this is Ellen and this is the URL of my Voicethread recording. Enjoy!


Curso para Preparación con valor escalofonario de la SEP!!

Aprende cómo sobrevivir en el aula como maestro de inglés, desarrollar clases memorables, y actividades interesantes mientras que preparas por las certificacionese en inglés de TKT…..

CEDPROM I ofrece este curso con dos enfoques:
1) preparación para TKT, módulos 1,2,y 3, con valor escalofónario de la Secretaria de Educación.
2) aplicación de estrategias de aprendizaje activo.

El próximo curso inicia el 22 de agosto
Informes en CEDPROM 1 en Camelinas 3537 o llama 324 3137 o 443 102 4808 para más información. Todavía hay algunos lugares…cupo máximo 20.

One of the activities we will be doing in the TKT preparation course offered in CEDEPROM I, starting next August 22 is to observe different TEFL classes, on site or online, and determine the identifying characteristics that make each class follow a certain methodology. In the process, we have even found several different methodologies in classrooms that look just like yours.

In her post comparing a TEFL class online with her own suggestions, Adriana, a past TKT candidate, has shared a GREAT class that I recommend watching because it uses many motivational techniques that work. It is a task-based class, so the learning focus is centered on the students, not on the teacher, and involves the students on many levels.

Check out Adriana’s blog at