Improving your Speaking with Connected speech practice

Hello Listening and Speaking Writing Workshop Participants!

We have been looking at some examples of connected speech in the listening and speaking workshop. The example we saw is from Elemental English videos on Youtube. Watch them in order to improve your speaking and connected speech. We also saw videos on Richard’s site, Lingua Spectrum.

Rachel’s English is another great place to listen to learn how to speak well in English.


Please practice listening on this really great site for listening and practicing with accent reduction is

Randall’s Train your Accent.

Your task for this week’s workshop:

1. Practice Reading the Tongue twisters with connected speech. Choose one that you will record on an online site.

2. Register as a member on

3. Record your tongue twister on your Voicethread account.

4. Save and share your recording on Voicethread.

5. Write a comment to this post. Include your name and the URL of your recording. Here is an example:

Hello, this is Ellen and this is the URL of my Voicethread recording. Enjoy!



9 Comments on “Improving your Speaking with Connected speech practice”

  1. IVAN Wish says:

    Hi my name is Ivan this is my Twisters The I Wish to wish

  2. jesus twisters says:

    Hi, how are you friends, I am jesus, I hope you can enjoy my toungue twisters. This is an interesnting activity. Thanks to my teacher Hellen.

  3. María Teresa says:

    hello again! I hope now you can hear my tongue twister

  4. Aldo Onfre says:

    Hi guys, it is mi first speaking online, It is a little tongue twister, i liked this activity.
    Im Aldo Onofre, I from Morelia.

  5. Luck´s duck says:

    Hello darlings!! my name is Almiux, this is my tougue twister,enjoy it.

  6. Ruth Sanabria says:

    Hi everyone, my name is Ruth and I have shared this small tongue twisters

  7. Alejandra says:

    Hello ! This is my tongue twister Susie

  8. Alejandra says:

    Hello. My this Tongue Twisters is

  9. Mercedes says:

    HELLO,My tongue twisters is Peter piper .I wold like you listen bye.

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