Writing in abreviated format: now why would anyone want to do that?

Hello Writing Community and Writers

As we gear up for this Saturday’s class, I imagine you might be wondering why I asked you to read a chapter on Quantum Writing from the book Quantum Learning. Throughout our careers we will have to summarize, gather our ideas, synthesize, and collect our diversified thoughts and the abundance of ideas and concepts that we expose ourselves to into an understandable mode of writing so we can share with other people. The amount of information we gather is so vast that we need to collect it in such a format so we can access the knowledge readily when we need it.

When we prepare to write a paper, an essay, a composition, an article, a thesis, or a dissertation, we need to organize our thoughts to produce our ideas logically into understandable formats for other people. So, have a look at these cognitive tools which might change us from being product-oriented into  process-oriented writers. We will be working with them during our next class and after class you might want to have some for your own….well, here they are!

Be thinking about how you would use these cognitive tools in your daily life. We will share next class.


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