Welcome to the Speaking-Writing Workshop

Hello Writers!
Much more than a writing course, in our class we will be building a writing community, growing as people, renewing our English communication skills and communicating with other people around the world.

Our writing community will have visitors from around the world. Please click around this site…you can’t hurt anything. Make sure you read the blogging guidelines posts in the tabs at the top, the Blogging Guidelines and the course syllabus tabs.


9 Comments on “Welcome to the Speaking-Writing Workshop”

  1. Thank you for reporting for duty, Sir Jeslid!
    I am sure that the smile you keep on our faces with your wit (as I prefer to call what you named sarcasm) will show you to be one of our most valuable members of our writing community.
    Here are some words you might want to add to your vocabulary for futurespelling reference: profesional, hormones.
    I do think that rather tahn unlike you, we will grow to like you more.
    Thanks for posting.

  2. Jesse says:

    So..new week, new comment I assume; perhaps what I’ve learned during the course of these days may not be a lot about me in the writer’s persona, but more of my emotionalish phase. I guess trying to understand and decipher emotions and feelings it’s a terrible idea (don’t try it if you’re broken because you will not like what you’ll learn), and fighting against them it’s much worse. Just flowing with it may be a good advise, but I’ve noticed that I have o analyze every little part of everything, which makes me pretty much unable to be humanly happy…crazy right? But that’s just me and my life motto, you’ll get to kinda understand me 😉

    • Jesse You certainly have a lot to say. Feeling emotional is agreat time to write, words seem to flow very easily. What you say about not liking what I write in that mindframe is so true. Then come the therapeutic moments of lighting a flame to the written page and burning it along with my negative thoughts. That is one way to help ourselves feel more positive.

      I am very glad we are going to work together this semester. I think you have a lot to share and I am looking forward to learning from you. Ellen

      M.E. Ellen Graber A teacher affects eternity.

  3. Yared says:

    Hello!! I guess that this is going to be fun! I love learning something new everyday, because that’s something that never ends…also I love reading too…but I do not consider myself a good writer. That is why I am in this course, and because I like meeting people, I really enjoy it, you know, to share our ideas and realize that we are not so different at all. See you!

  4. nikolle says:

    Hi, Elen

  5. Fantastic blog! I like the post a lot! Very interesting and useful read. I’ll be back in the future to check your posts. Thanks for sharing wonderful thoughts..

  6. Arlette Saavedra Romero says:

    This course will be an excellent challenge that I’m disposed to face. I love read a differents types of writers but my favorites are novelists science fiction specially as Isaac Asimov, I don’t expect be as him but I’d like to express myself proper manner at least.
    I believe that this writing community will be so great for explode our communicating skills and learn others abilities to transfer our thoughts, feelings and ideas. I’m glad to be part of this community.

  7. Margarita Martínez says:

    I’ve never been involved in a class where I have to use web technology as a learning tool, and I’m sure this will be an extraordinary experience worthy to share with the writing class and the global community. Now that we are getting into the majors I think it’s time to do our best and enjoy this opportunity that will take us one step ahead in our lives. And remember, every day is a chance we have to learn something new, so let’s get ready for this course!

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