Is all the news fit to print? Reporting an event

The NY Times prints this motto on its front page: “all the news that is fit to print.”
CNN includes its motto on its Webpage: “make everybody’s business your business…with breaking news”

Do we really see all that is fit to print? Do we really have access to breaking news?
Who decides which articles are written, published, or read by the public?
In the past four years, social media and Internet access has changed the way we get the news. We can now chose and have access to more of the real world than we have ever had before in history. One example is what happened in the Arab nations during the spring of 2011, commonly known as Arab Spring. Without the presence of eyewitnesses cell phone cameras, the news that would or might have been reported from Cairo Egypt and other countries could have been quite different.

However, mass media still has a big say in what people around the world listen to or read about as news. Watch this video from of Alisha Miller, Director of National Public Radio, and Public Radio International.

What do you think about the news? Do you read newspapers, watch TV, listen to the radio, or follow social media reports? Is news access controlled? What do you think? Perhaps this video, a news report about…the news will alter your opinion. Please add a comment with your opinion about the news.

What does it take to write the news? Learn about the elements and characteristics of journalistic writing in the anthology. Read and practice the information and exercises on pages 99-99A. Learn more media vocabulary on page 99B.

The next step is to learn about writing headlines. Page 100 and 101 give some practice in headline writing. Join Teacher Peggy in her video series on Electronic village about writing headlines 1 and 2, and about the inverted pyramid. Look at Peggy’s other videos for more tips on writing about the news.

Remember to use the three paragraph structure explained on pages 100A and 101 in your anthology.

Write the news story for the murder which happened at the Maloney house in the story “Lamb to the Slaughter”. It is a hypothetical article for the blue note police register, in the Justice section of your local newspaper. Remember to include what you can of the What, Who, When, Where and How in the first sentence. Use prepositional phrases and adjective clauses to be able to write concisely and consolidate the information in the first sentence. Use the appropriate grammar structures with the passive voice, the narrative verb tenses, and reported speech. You might add some eyewitness citing at the end of the article for authenticity.

This news report is due on Friday. Please bring a printed version of it to class. Those of you who live out of town please write it in a comment on this blog so everyone can share.

2 Comments on “Is all the news fit to print? Reporting an event”

  1. Margheritte Matz says:

    In my opinion, the tv news are focused on the bad things that happen all around the world and in a very few ocations they revealed good things. I don’t like watching or reading news because I don’t like to known bad things for fun or for loosing time.
    I agree with the idea that the news are controled because we only see what the goverent want to show us and to believe.

  2. Samuel Osorio L. says:

    A man was found dead on his own home last night. It happened at around eight last night. Nobody around saw and listened anything, just his wife, that found the body lying on the floor.
    In an interview with the now widow Mary Maloni, she said: “My husband was dead when I arrived at home, he was lying on the floor, I did not know what to do, my heart was broken, and so I just called the police and sent detectives. When the detectives came, I explained them I was going to prepare his supper but I did not have enough vegetables, I went out to buy them and when I went back, I found him on the floor, he could not breath. I did not know what had happened”
    His wife just stayed at home. The detectives do not know who blaming it. They looked for at home like if the killer was there, it became clear that he had been killed. The fact is that they have not found who is to blame.
    Mary Maloni is the most unlikely person to have blame, because she always showed a good behavior around her neighborhood and to his husband. Who was the guilty? It is a question that remains to be resolved.

    Samuel Osorio

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